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Grassfed beef

Grassfed beef has grown in popularity lately but the concept is not new to us. Our family has raised beef on the sweet grass of Jackson Hole for five generations and we know how to grow beef on grass. The ingredients needed to grow grassfed beef are simple, grass and water. The quality of the beef is determined by the quality of those two ingredients. Our cattle drink runoff water from the peeks that surround our valley, which lies at the headwaters of the Snake River. The abundant, nutrient rich grass of Teton County Wyoming has always been considered world class.

Our beef are naturally raised and receive no hormones or antibiotics.

Health Benefits

Lean protein is the foundation of a healthy diet, and there is no better place to get your protein than from beef raised on grass in Jackson Hole. Grassfed beef has about 24 grams of protein per 100 grams of meat, and fewer calories than skinless chicken breast. Furthermore, the fat content in grassfed beef is similar to wild elk and deer meat, which is good because lean meat can lower your cholesterol. Grassfed beef is also a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s play a vital role in every cell system in your body, their health benefits range from reducing high blood pressure and decreasing your risk of a heart attack to fighting Alzheimer’s and depression. For those of us who are health conscience — Beef. It’s what’s for dinner.

Environmental Benefits

Grassfed beef is not only healthy for you; it is also healthy for the environment. Sustainable agricultural practices have become more important as our global population increases. Our grazing and irrigation practices not only provide a healthy landscape for our beef, but also for the native species that the cattle coexist with. Our ranching practices enable large tracts of land to be healthy pieces of open space. Also, the Grassfed beef raised on our ranch require a minimum amount of energy because they spend their entire lives in Jackson Hole.

Buy Local

In today’s food system, people tend to loose track of where their food comes from and where it has been. When you buy beef from us you can rest assured your beef was raised by one local family and has spent its entire life in the shadow of the Tetons. Support local agriculture and you will ensure Jackson’s great western legacy is kept alive.

Beef on the Town Square: We have worked with Local Bar and Grill to serve our beef on Jacksons historic Town Square, so you can always stop by the Local and taste our beef. localjh.com

Buy our Beef Retail

If you are interested in buying individual cut of our beef you can find them at the LDS market on the south end of Jackson.


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